Want to know more about how to use antiques in your home to mix beautifully with your Pottery Barn sofa? Join us at the New Collectors’ Soiree on Friday, Feb. 24 at 5:30 pm.


It gets better: The evening kicks off with a Scotch and Maryland wine tasting paired with a selection of hors d’ouevres.


The high-energy evening for new collectors-or anyone who wants to learn a little more about how to use antiques in today’s homes-includes a tour of the show led by Deborah Gore Dean, renowned antiques store owner and decorator, who will illustrate tasteful and accessible ways to decorate your home.


Mark Your Calendar!


New Collectors’ Soiree

Friday, February 24, 2012

5:30-7:30 pm

Cost: $45 per person

The Short  Ord…

The Short  Order

The Short Order: Chef Spike Gjerde’s Guide to  Baltimore

Baltimore? Believe it. Charm City’s most  celebrated chef lets us in on the spots you’re missing, from the best place to  split a pitcher of Natty Boh (it’s a B-more thing), to the old-school bakery  where he got his start

                                                              January 23, 2012

1. Spro   851 W 36th St, 410-243-1262; sprocoffee.com

“There’s a great little coffee shop up on 36th, and I forget how it started,  but I can order a ‘spikiatto’ there. The spikiatto is a single shot espresso and  a single macchiato. I love a macchiato and he was burning the shot every time I  got one. It’s nice to taste the pure espresso and then have the macchiato. I  never got him to put it on his menu, but I’ve gotta work on that.”

Photo: via flickr

2. Grand Cru   527 E Belvedere Ave, (410) 464-1944

“A good friend of mine owns a wine bar that’s in Belvedere Market but not  part of the big space. It’s a great place to sit down and have a drink. He does  great small plates, cool cheeses, cool local charcuterie. We send him a couple  things from time to time from the butchery work we do in the back.”

Photo: Courtesy of Grand Cru

3. Belvedere Market   529 Belvedere Ave, 410-464-9773; belvederesquare.com

“Belvedere Square is a cool spot that recreates the history of public  markets—it’s sort of the private version. We usually shop at larger farmers’  markets for the restaurant, but Belvedere is a great place to shop for home.  It’s got really great vendors. It’s a mixture of stuff you can take with you and  stuff you can just pull up a stool at a counter and eat. I really love the guy  that does soup there, Ned Atwater. He’s one of the other chefs in Baltimore that  I think is pretty sincere and committed to local sourcing.”

Photo: Courtesy of Belvedere Market

4. Patisserie Poupon   820 E Baltimore St, 410-332-0390; patisseriepoupon.net

“Joseph’s been there since just about forever. I had just graduated from  college and was back in Baltimore for reasons I’m still not really clear about,  and Patisserie Poupon had just opened. I poked my head in and came back the next  day with a resume that I had totally fabricated and exaggerated, and that became  my first real cooking job. I think I was their first hire. It was just Eph and  his wife running everything before that. If he was anywhere else, well…he’s a  superstar. But he’s in Baltimore. Some pastry shops are kind of frozen in time,  but that’s not the way he operates. Nobody does the classics better, but he’s  always got something new, too. He is so good at what he  does.”




Read More http://www.gq.com/food-travel/restaurants-and-bars/201201/spike-gjerde-guide-baltimore-short-order#ixzz1kIkbombH

Time of Day: Ca…

Time of Day: Caroline Adams  

On View January 20 – February 18, 2012
Opening Reception Friday, January 20, 5 – 8pm


Caroline Adams: 1:00 

1:00, oil on canvas, 35 x 30     



Caroline grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in Printmaking in 2001 from the Rhode Island School of Design. From 2001-2003, Caroline lived, studied, and taught printmaking and bookmaking at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts on the island Paros in Greece. She has shown in a number of galleries including the Artist’s House Gallery in Philadelphia, the Hard Castle Gallery in Delaware, the Shelburne Art Center in Vermont, the Yellow Springs Historical Society in Pennsylvania, the Metaxa Gallery in Paros, Greece, and most recently, the Ileana Viteri Gallery in Quito, Ecuador. Caroline currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador with her husband and two children.


Artist’s Statement:


When encircled by the poetry of lines and tones occurring harmoniously in nature, I feel awed and small in the enormous expanse. I see this space not only as a location, but an inspired idea awaiting translation. The concept of being part of something larger compels the ideas and intentions in my work.


The inspiration for my artwork is the mid-Atlantic countryside and more recently, the mountains and clouds of Ecuador. My hope is that the images themselves have become something more universal. My landscape paintings and prints are meant to express a degree of ambiguity that provokes a sense of familiarity and serenity  without presenting a specific location. I am attempting to share my world and give an understanding that these lines, shapes, and subtleties of tone bring me a sense of calm, peace, and awe. I do not wish to offer social discourse; I am simply trying to express beauty.

Time of Day is on view January 20 – February 18, 2012. Join us for the opening reception on Friday,  January 20, 5 – 8pm.
View Caroline Adams’ work on our website.