Collecting Copper Pots and Pans

When decor, collecting and use mix happily…

There are many options for cookware. Personally, I could not make it without my cast iron but there are so many options all with their plusses – enameled, cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, nonstick, and copper – and they all have vastly different uses and price points.

The cost of copper cookware can be intimidating but lets face it – its fabulous on display. And when you consider the decor value plus its use value- its the hands down winner. Here are some things you need to know and consider. I sell several Brands of copper that are contemporary. But we also have a good sized collection of antique and vintage copper.

Because its easy to control its temperature, copper pots are perfect for melting chocolate and candy makingBecause its easy to control its temperature, copper pots are perfect for melting chocolate — Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Because of its heat conducting properties, copper heats up quickly and evenly. So you don’t have to worry about hot spots. Copper cookware is great for when you need to control and maintain consistent temperatures. This means you don’t have to use as much heat to get it cooking. If a recipe calls for medium-high heat with your regular cookware, use medium-low for your copper.

Copper is not great for high heat. It is best for delicate proteins such as fish and sauces which is why it has traditionally been preferred by professional chefs.

Julia Child infamously stocked her kitchens in Cambridge and Provence with the wares of Dehillerin in Paris.

Copper is a reactive metal. In most cases, that means it will have a chemical reaction to what you’re cooking so most copper pots and pans are lined with a non-reactive metal like tin or stainless steel.

Buying new ? You will be getting the heavy duty stainless steel which can stand up to a lot of abuse from utensils. If you’re purchasing older, used copper pieces, you will almost certainly be dealing with tin. Tin gives your copper a great, non-stick surface to work with, but the melting point is around 450 °F’ so cook low.

Tin is also easily scratched and chipped with metal utensils and harsh scrub brushes. It’s best to use wooden spoons and softer utensils when working with tin-lined copper cookware. On the other hand, older pieces have a fabulous luster so finding a great item that needs to be re-tinned is just fine. You can go to and calculate the cost of re-tinning and polishing a pot. As long as it doesn’t have any holes in it, it’s relatively easy to return your copper cookware to its former glory- if it is tin lined. Stainless Steel that is damaged must sadly remain a No Buy. When antiquing remember tin will discolor unevenly sort of in patches and be discolored. Stainless will have concentric marks where applied. Some people eye the rim, if you see silver on the rim, it can be assumed to be tin or nickel.

So where someone else may pass up a pot in need of tinning- you can find a treasure that will last you a lifetime.

Martha Stewart’s Collection- mixing antique, vintage and new

Keep that Shine…

A bit of lemon juice or vinegar can revive your copper’s shine or some salt and half a lemon (but do not scour! gently polish and let the acidity do the work) or some Bar Keepers Friend and a soft cloth. I am a salt and lemon girl but Spider (the chief polisher) swears by Wright’s Copper Paste. But before you polish, you must clean. So soap and water, a good soak sometimes makes the work easier.

Antique Mauviel on display and you can visit the factory outlet on your way to Mont St Michel

If you want an eco friendly version you can try

DIY Copper and Brass Cleaner

  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 3 tablespoons salt
  • Enough white vinegar to form a loose paste

If you suspect that the piece is lacquered, test a part of the bottom with a bit of nail polish remover to see if there is a thin layer on there. It needs to be removed before you cook in it. It was common in the 1960’s to lacquer the items for display use so that polishing was unnecessary.

and lastly, you may wish to forgo polishing all together. “In the case of copper, a patinated surface is becoming harder and more thermally efficient,” says Mac Kohler of Brooklyn Copper Cookware. “Professional chefs cultivate a good, dark patina as one does bloom on wine grapes; it improves what the thing is supposed to do.”

See our copper collection on Chairish

New Copper can be found on DGD Home Catalog

Paris Porcelain Partial Serving Set then- Perfect for Two now

Use and History come together in Old Paris Porcelain

Old Paris Porcelain is very broadly defined as porcelain made by about 30 artisans in and around Paris from the late 18th century to the 1870’s. It is also called Vieux Paris. It was first beloved by Marie Antoinette (particularly the “cornflower” painted patterns) and utilized by only the wealthiest of French aristocrats. But the French Revolution forced makers of luxury items to regain financial stability by producing lower-priced goods made available to a wider public.
At the same time, the French were also celebrating anything Democratic and had taken a shine to the American Ambassador, Thomas Jefferson. In this light, these serving items featuring Corn, Squash and Figs as decoration take on the history as well as the taste of the times.
Jefferson’s purchases of porcelain tableware in France were numerous, but little is known about the design or manufacture of the lost and presumably destroyed works. We do know that he made it home with several of the cornflower painted items normally reserved for the King….he WAS clever!
In the collection of William Dupont who was a prominent collector of Delaware Valley antiques it serves as a nod to those times which did include imports and would have been thought quite unique with the finials supporting local harvests. Though these items are made in France, they would have been much sought after in the 1800’s.
Interestingly, these three serving dishes would have been part of a much larger service but today are the perfect size for a complete service for 2 – in America.
Covered Vegetable: 9 x 8 x 7
Butter Cooler: 6 x 6 x 5
Sauce Tureen: 6 x 3.5 x 4

Just In…

in 16 or 19 inch diameters

Our round rattan serving and ottoman trays with glass inserts will instantly add a gorgeous touch to any room of your home. Adding this tray to your décor brings both decorative and functional style with a 5 mm glass insert to protect the tray in heavy use environments.

Perfect to organize your coasters and remotes, set a table, serve drinks, or just add a new elegant touch. Products are handmade and each piece is unique therefore slight variations and imperfections exist.

  • 5mm Glass Insert Included
  • Hand Woven by Local Artisans from Burmese Rattan
  • Natural and Sustainable Product
  • Wipe Clean with Damp Cloth
  • Made in Myanmar

I use this on my Study table to keep my topiaries organized and from staining my table. In summer it becomes a drinks tray and bar on the porch. Great for ottomans as well.

$125 for the 19 inch

$107 for the 16 inch


How Many Lives Can We Change Today?

We are very fortunate in the design community that we work with so many clients and vendors who donate time and money to their community – or should we say- our global community.

Surya is one such company and we are proud to represent them here at Design to the Trade and have them available in 3 of our stores, Summerhouse Catalog, Gore Dean Home and City Life Catalog

Please read the following from  Satya Tiwari, the President of Surya and consider a $15 donation to feed a child for a year.

To Visit Surya on our website on our site.

Click Here

Hi Deborah,

As Winston Churchill so eloquently said,“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

For many families in rural India, including the families of 50,000+ Surya weavers, education is considered an unaffordable luxury. Forced to choose between sending their children to school and putting food on the table, parents too often end up pulling their children out of school to help support the family. Growing up in rural India, I have witnessed firsthand the many hardships that families and children there must contend with on a daily basis.

Since 2012, Surya has actively supported Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest NGO-run mid-day meal program. Akshaya Patra provides a freshly prepared, nutritious meal to more than 1.5 million children every day, encouraging them to attend school and complete their education so they may build successful lives as adults. By giving children access to healthy food and a solid foundation for learning, Akshaya Patra is helping to break the cycle of poverty for millions of families in India.

Surya is excited to once again hold our annual Miles for Meals Campaign in support of Akshaya Patra. On Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015, 60 Surya employees and I will participate in a half marathon in Atlanta to raise $75K for this life-changing initiative. I hope you will join us in supporting this worthy cause by making a tax-deductible contribution to this year’s campaign. Just $15 will provide one child with a daily meal for a full year. Please click on the following link to show your support:

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Warm regards,

New to AP

January Featured Brand: Fortunata

Visit our Fortunata Store and enjoy Designer pricing until Jan 31

Inspired by “fortuna,” Italian for “luck,” Fortunata is a company dedicated to offering the finest quality ceramics hand-crafted using a secret and time-honored process. Each piece captures the tradition and charm of the ancient Tuscan workshops where the ceramics are hand prepared for firing in wood-burning kilns. The unique mixture of select clays gives Fortunata ceramics a distinctive look, feel and durability like no other. You can be confident that when you select a Fortunata product, you possess a work of art that will reward and please you for years to come.
We invite you to experience FORTUNATA! (for’cha nata) n. good fortune; good luck; success.





070904111527A staple in our stores- planted with orange trees or filled with antique sea shells…these urns are fabulous!



WE are so delighted to introduce deluxe Pet Duvets by The Muddy Dog.  Woman owned and Made in America.- Deb

Or have them make it with your own material  COM (requires 4 yards)- Deb

Our Holly™ extravagant down duvet is ergonomically designed with your pampered pooch’s utmost comfort in mind, offering a wonderful combination of the loft and softness of down with the support and spring-back qualities of feathers. The inserts are filled with the finest hypoallergenic down blend found in luxurious human comforters, which also helps to regulate your dog’s body temperature. Certified to be free of all substances harmful to your dog and your family, our duvet insert fabrics are double-stitched, down-proof and certified Eco-friendly. The exclusive screen printed fabric on our beautiful duvet covers comes from one of America’s finest textile houses. The hand is exceptionally soft and the bright and fresh colors embrace classic style and high quality art. Understanding your uncompromising commitment to luxury and quality, our duvet covers offer dressmaker details – our seams are finished off so there’s no fraying, our gussets are lined for extra support, and not only are our heavy-duty zippers hidden, they also have two pulls for easier use. And the zipper opening is on the long side of the cover to make it easier to get the cover on and off. We offer four rectangular sizes to accommodate dogs that sleep curled up, those that stretch out and those that like to burrow a bit. The Holly™ duvet’s 3″ depth allows your dog to easily get on and off. All our beds are individually crafted for superior quality in Maine. 50% white duck goose down/50% small white duck feathers. Small 18″x24″x3″, Medium 24″x34″x3″, Large 30″x40″x3″, Extra Large 42″x52″x3″. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

About The Muddy Dog

It all started with the original Muddy Dog, Holly, our much beloved arthritic golden retriever. Conventional dog beds weren’t offering her the luxury and comfort she needed to rest so, noticing how much she enjoyed our down comforter, we set out to design something that would give her the coziness, warmth and skeletal support she craved. Holly finally got a good night’s sleep and gave her sumptuous down duvet a two paws up. We asked a few other dogs to try it out, and they all loved it more than any other bed they had.

The people they owned asked us for stylish covers of the highest quality textiles to match such a luxurious duvet and a simple way to keep the duvet cover clean. (Between dirt and fur, we all know how those covers have a way of frequently needing a good wash.) Understanding the need for speed, we introduced the Dog On It™, a quick on and off over slipcover, in genuine Polartec® fleece, offering a snuggly sleeping surface for our pampered pooches and the best fleece fabric available for the people that love them. We also wanted to make sure that our down duvets were eco-friendly, so our inserts are certified to be free of all substances harmful to your dog and your family (either carrying the Oeko-Tex certification, or certified under strict European environmental controls).

We love coming into work every day (accompanied by our “product developers”, of course). We’re passionate about providing the best possible duvets and accessories for our beloved pooches and their people. We offer what we look for when we shop – a well-designed product using the highest quality components backed up by prompt, friendly and helpful customer service.

Click here to get yours




Sex and the City can be in your City

Carrie and Big’s bedroom is a striking blend of pattern and texture. The custom-headboard is covered in fabric by Kravet and pops against the neutral Rococo Stripe wallpaper by by Cole & Son from Lee Jofa. The bedding is from Anichini. All available through GoreDean

Photographer: Craig Blankenhorn

Samantha’s Bed:  Palladio 200tc white/black, Bamboo white coverlet and shams, Verona natural/bone throw and Lucrezia truffle shams

Carrie’s bed:  Lorraine 500tc white sheeting, Waves platinum coverlet and shams, and Taffeta aurora borealis pillows

Charlotte’s bed:  Lucrezia ivory sheeting, Siddhartha dark eucalyptus blue coverlet and shams, Kyoto beige/ivory throw and Rupia eucalyptus blue pillows



Cool Baby Cool- White is not a Neutral but a Strong Color Choice

Stronger than Red or Black or Yellow… white takes an eye. It can so easily be wrong or slip into shabby chic.  But done by the masters of design; it is the strongest statement of their intent.– DD
This home is peaceful and quiet. White is not a neutral but a strong color choice. Here the Designer has played down the accessories to create a feeling of relaxation. Allowing the fireplace mantle and matching sofas to be the design.
White slipcovered sofa flanked by mirrors
Tria Giovan
Southern Accents
“Always crisp and definitely cool, the color white speaks of a care-free summer, but can be beautiful year-round. Decorator Gerrie Bremermann calls white “soothing and uplifting,” and uses it to marry French, Italian, and midcentury antiques.
A chic, all-white room may seem easy to achieve, but looks can be deceiving. To do it successfully, add plenty of texture and a little shine — such as a seagrass rug and metallic lamps. “

This room has all the bells,buttons and whistles for me.  Matching ceiling- high mirrors, great consoles underneath for balance and proportion; a killer romantic chandelier, a Verellen Sofa that is casual and yet sophisticated.  Flanking the sofa are matching tables and lamps and then the mix of chairs – modern and antique. This combination  is as classic as it gets.  Then to bring a hint more  sophistication- the designer adds silver lamps next to pale pink pillows. I can hear CoCo Chanel purring…. would like to see this painting hanging in this room or maybe in the hall just as you approach those simple pale pink pillows………..


Although the sofa seems too small, as does the coffee table: I think the white rug and walls are a hit! Add the horse head and bench and its really quite nice. Upholstery in slip covered white linen would make all the difference. A high barrel back chair and soft sofa would make you never want to leave. White Wine parties only!

There is a lot right with this idea. Leather, hidden away place, white… but I’ll bet the rest of the apartment does not flow at all.  I can see this easily however as the end of an office, or powder room or small sitting room. Throw on a bright yellow cashmere throw and re shoot!

I am not one for white and shabby chic- so, too done already.  But with the addition of the industrial lighting and seating- I say 10!
If walls could stay this white…I’d have them in my house too!
In the same house- white allows the red chairs to pop! this Dining Room, Thomas Pheasant uses white as a backdrop for the clarity of his designs for his Baker Furniture line. The elegant greek key table, chandelier and wall sconces might be diluted with another color. here just says clean and that is the look Thomas Pheasant is achieving here. Neat and clean and stylish.

Frank Babb Randolph uses white here to update this kitchen and give it a clean, new look without the heavy remodel that might have not synced with the rest of this historic residence.  Note: chandelier from GoreDean. Still it is Contemporary setting where white shines and where you can make less mistakes.

A design you would only see in Europe. From British Home and Gardens via Pigtown design blog- although this could easily be Billy Baldwin- America’s own! for me, this is what started it all.

mies van der rohe barcelona pavilion  (all lower case- so chic)


French Key Chest-Light
Faux Leather and Nailhead Wastebasket

18thC French Painted and Parcel Gilt Commode

Set of Three Stacking Boxes by Barbara Barry

Artichoke Lidded Urn-

Leather and Metal Tall Umbrella Stand - Beige


A Creative Candles Factory Tour

You know that show on the Science Channel called How It’s Made? I’m kind of obsessed. I just think it’s fascinating to learn how so many of the things we take for granted—from Q-tips to couscous—are actually made. Candles are another one. We’ve all bought the cheap kind, and paid for it in the process, whether with smoke marks on the ceiling or a tablecloth full of wax. Well, smack dab in the middle of the country, in Kansas City, Missouri, there’s a group of artisans still making candles the old-fashioned way. They’re called Creative Candles, and as a magazine editor, I’ve been using them for years. Everything about their candles—the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and especially the colors—are fantastic!-Eddie Ross


Available at Gore Dean

OK Baltimore Sun!  We carry this right here in Baltimore- at GoreDean.  Tell the people!–Deb


Tattoos Muscle In

Popularity Of Body Art Influences Reality Shows And Now Home Decor

Tattoo RugLOVE IS IN THE AIR with CB2’s Tattoo area rug. The 5-by 8-foot 100-percentwool rug, at $349, will be available at in July. (HANDOUT / June 22, 2009)


    Looking for the next hot decorating trend?

    Think ink.

    Body art has gone from biceps and shoulders to catwalks and showrooms. The transfer, according to tableware designer Jessica Rust, gives a whole new meaning to the term “tattoo parlor.”

    “Tattoos used to be associated with bikers and rockers,” says Rust, who introduced her Tattoo Collection of personalized plates, mugs, bowls and platters this month. “Now they’re exploding in home decor, furniture and fashion.”

    Inspired by the popularity of television shows “Miami Ink,” “LA Ink,” “Inked” and “Tattoo Highway,” and the mainstream acceptance of “tats” (estimates are that as many as one in four people between the ages of 18 and 50 are tattooed), designers have introduced clothing, bedding, rugs, tables and accessories emblazoned with the iconic patterns.

    The new “Tattoo Heart Collection” fromGucci  features handbags with stylized heart tattoos decorated with the company’s logo. Luxury leather maker Coach included a $438 bag featuring the company’s name surrounded by a tattoo-inspired border of flowers and leaves in its spring collection.

    Hip Dana Hotel and Spa in Chicago hired tattoo artist Ami James, star of “Miami Ink,” to create tattoo art “Do Not Disturb” door hangers. Kiki Smith’s Tattoo line of engraved crystal vases and accessories made for Steuben sold out at stores across the country. Los Angeles ink man Paul Timman recently teamed up with Ink Dish Design to create a line of delicate blue-and-white porcelain plates inspired by classical Japanese tattoos. Even jewelry-maker-to-the-stars Harry Winston has several tattoo-inspired brooch designs. (Put those in the if-you-have-to-ask-how-much- they-cost-you-probably-can’t-afford-them category.)

    Connecticut writer Karen Olson says the trend inspired her new Tattoo Shop Mysteries. “Missing Ink,” the first book in the series, will be released in July.

    “No questions, tattoos are in,” says Olson. “You see them everywhere.”

    But ink on skin is permanent. Body-art-inspired accessories for the home allows consumers to have tats without the long-term commitment. Ed Hardy, considered by many to be the godfather of the skin-art-to-fashion movement, was one of the first to put tattoo patterns on bedding and bath decor. His Home Collection, featuring comforters, duvets and sheets with retro skull, heart, animal and rose designs, is carried at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    “The look is popular with hipsters,” says Allan Gordon, president of Wholley Sheet, a Los Angeles company that markets the Ed Hardy Home Collection. “People who are ‘fly’ love the look.” ( defines “fly” as “cool” and “in style.”)

    Rust, who worked with her shipping assistant Michael Mellstrom, a tattoo artist, to create her tableware, agrees.

    “It’s not really about age, it’s about attitude,” says Rust. “People who express themselves in a very individual way are drawn to tattoos.” Copyright © 2009, The Hartford Courant