The Beauty and Elegance of all White Table Linens

Not to mention the Practicality!


Easy to clean You can machine wash, hand wash or dry clean. Check out our guide.

Goes with everything white or ivory goes with everthing but they are not interchangable

Elegant You can dress it up and make it casual. That’s why they call it classic

Mix it up You can use different designs and collections together as long as the color matches!

OUR VIEW: People are sometimes hesitant to purchase fine linens. They are scared that they are a lot of work, can be ruined easily and are not convenient. Our view is that they are more work than a paper napkin- and that’s about it. Paper napkins are a one time and toss what could be less GREEN. Cloth napkins will last, they are beautiful and with a few rules of thumb- are easily cleaned. Cloth napkins are nicer to live with. You spend time and money on preparing dinner- so dine! don’t just eat! You can read about Caring for Table Linens here.

My best advice would be to start every collection with a good set of white or ivory napkins. White is more contemporary and goes nicely with cool colors. Ivory has a greater array of base colors, its warm and inviting. Both can be dressed up, starched, and monogrammed or left to their wrinkled beauty. I have found that ivory is easier to mix and match and lends itself to mix easily both new and old.


Then add a tablecloth when you have settled on your dining table or do a runner for both indoors and out. I personally do not do white placemats, unless they are wood, rattan or my favorite, Chilewich. I use placemats for design more than function so I usually go for color. But knowing that there are 12 napkins and a tablecloth that are clean and pressed in the closet gives me great comfort as I rush through the grocery at 5 pm the day before Thanksgiving.

But most importantly- USE YOUR LINENS. Think about collecting antique linens as well. But try and match size (20 – 22″ square for a dinner napkin) slight variations in design and hue are usually a lovely addition to your table.

Vintage Linens can be a great hobby and a wonderful gift

Cleaning and care of VINTAGE LINEN


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