ALT LINEN-make a difference while you make an upgrade.

Ditch Paper towels forever!

and switch to ALT cotton linens. They’ll send you free replacements. Forever. 

Paper towels are made from trees using gobs of water, wood pulp, chemicals and energy. Right under our noses, they are one of the biggest climate change culprits. With one simple upgrade in your kitchen, you can be a planet superhero, and save money.

Instead…try napkins and kitchen towels made from Linen.

Here’s how it works…

Switch to cotton linens

They’re kind to the planet and kinder on your wallet. Buy them once and get a lifetime of replacements.

Throw them in the wash

Wash and reuse the linens; send ’em back when they’re worn. (You decide when, this is not a subscription service)

Get free replacements

We’ll keep sending you fresh replacement linens. And we’ll upcycle your worn linens into commercial use.

Order Kitchen Towels

Order Napkins

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