A Special Treat for Hunt Country Lovers

Located in Cockeysville, Md is a very special place ( a jewel) for people who shop and live around chic, well made products. Whether its a waxed coat or chic boot- this store is the new standard in Maryland and Pennsylvania. And well worth the drive from Dc and beyond.

As a store designer and buyer, I know when someone else is a really unique talent and Michael Finney at YOICKS! is just that. He oozes style in that very British way of wearing the very best and still looking like you’d had it forever. He is USA all the way but seems to have what I call “heritage style”.

Whether its Bow ties or hats and gloves, everything has a particular significance- a purpose that makes it important to the person who receives and wears it and a point for the person who chose it.

A great point in fact is what Michael has chosen for his clients to offer up this Valentines Day. As he says, ” Tell her you’re ‘on the bit’!” He suggests all protestations of love should be made simply and with Sterling. He has also designed several cards available for $5 that put these gifts right over the style edge .


Address10738 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030

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