10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important


If you’re reading this article on your smartphone late at night — stop.

According to Daniel Pembrey as reported in the Financial Times:

Those who have trouble sleeping will often start fiddling with their phones, but did you know that the blue light from your screen suppresses melatonin, preventing rest?

Here’s another fact to keep you awake — going just 17 hours without sleep (a moderately late night for most people) affects the body in a similar way to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 per cent, the legal definition of being over the limit in Scotland.

Can those who are constantly tired make the best decisions about spending, saving and investing their own money? Not getting enough sleep is bad for your health — but it could also be bad for your bank balance. Tiring yourself out by working long hours in the hope of a pay rise or promotion could be the wrong approach, since getting more sleep tends to make us more effective in our work.

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health.

In fact, it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising.

Unfortunately, the Western environment is interfering with natural sleep patterns.

People are now sleeping less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has decreased as well.

Here are 10 reasons why good sleep is important from Joe Leech, MS

1. Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat

2. Good Sleepers Tend to Eat Fewer Calories

3. Good Sleep Can Improve Concentration and Productivity

4. Good Sleep Can Maximize Athletic Performance

5. Poor Sleepers Have a Greater Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

6. Sleep Affects Glucose Metabolism and Type 2 Diabetes Risk

7. Poor Sleep Is Linked to Depression

8. Sleep Improves Your Immune Function

9. Poor Sleep Is Linked to Increased Inflammation

10. Sleep Affects Emotions and Social Interactions


Turn off the phone (I keep one – Just for the kids on-but business can wait)

Close your curtains or blinds

Go to bed 1 hour before you expect to sleep and have a common, calming routine.

Turn that mattress every 4 months

Keep sheets fresh and soft my laundering and drying correctly (less soap, less heat) Read More

Don’t worry at bedtime. Say your mantra or a prayer. You’ll feel better and do better in the morning- and LOOK BETTER! if you get a good night’s sleep.

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