The Necessities for Brides & Bridesmaids!

We found this great Blog Post and thought we would share! The clutch and tote are a great brides’maid gift- stuff with the must haves for that day and  mini champagne!
Available through Babe on Broadway and Gore Dean Home
Wedding Season is coming fast y’all and that means a lot of beautiful women are getting married or going to be in wedding parties.
Almost a year ago I got married to the love of my life. The whole day went by so fast and every moment was a fairytale. Your wedding is easily the best day of your life- that’s why it’s important to have a checklist of everything you need. Looking back on this day, I felt I had such wonderful ladies around me helping to make sure everything went smoothly. (which it did) This isn’t the case for every bride. Your wedding is very exciting and fun, but it’s stressful at the same time. Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, it’s super important to be prepared. If you’re not prepared, that’s a recipe for a disaster!  Whether you get a stain, you start sweating uncontrollably (totally happens), or you need to do some make up touchups, you need to be ready for any situation. To make sure things go smoothly on the big day, make sure you (the bride) or a bridesmaid have the following things in hand on your wedding day.
Couple of months prior to the big day it’s important to find a gift for your Matron/Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids. They have worked so hard to help you on your big day and a thank you gift is always a good idea! Some of your wedding party might have traveled a long way or you may even have a pregnant party member, (totally was my wedding party) so it’s important to make them feel special too! I always struggle finding something that they all would like and most importantly use again!

This Fold Over Clutch from Sloane Ranger is the perfect gift to give your wedding party. I’m so obsessed with Sloane Ranger’s clutch because of the gorgeous woven canvas and the trendy wooden tassel. This clutch is perfect for the day of the wedding and even throughout the evening. Give this as a gift or use for yourself! Either way the Fold Over Clutch from Sloane Ranger is so darling for any style type.
**It’s big enough to fit the little necessities listed below too. ​
  13 “Simple” Things You Must Have… & You Never Thought You’ll Need! 
1. Earring Backs 
These are a must have because earring backs are the worst to loose when you drop them! Having some extras are perfect to have for the bride or bridesmaids.
2. Oil Absorbing Sheets
No matter how much setting spray you might use, makeup can get icky when it’s been on your face all day. These sheets are like magic!  Keep your face looking fresh all day with the oil absorbing sheets. (perfect for hot and humid days)
3. White Chalk 
Never know when you might have a stain on your white dress. Chalk can help hide the stain. 
4. Portable Steamer
Some venues might not have a steamer, make sure to check before the big day. Being in your dress all day, chances are the dress might get some wrinkles. This is a must for all those bridesmaid dresses!
​5. Deodorant 

The day of your wedding is a long day full of pictures, nerves, and lots of dancing. The bride and her wedding party need some deodorant. This is a must for those hot summer weddings.  It’s always a good idea to reapply even if you put some on in the morning. 
6. A Small Snack
A lot of brides find that they forget to eat on their big day. You start to get busy with pictures and all pre wedding festivities and out of no where you’re starving! Bring a granola bar or something small to tie you over. 
7. Double-Sided Tape
Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us. Having some fashion tape to help solve all those nightmares is key!  I actually used double sided fashion tape to hold down one of my garters (I had two I pre-warned my husband about before the wedding) from slipping off throughout the day! 
8. Change of Shoes 
Standing all day in heels is just painful. On the day of my wedding I had my wedding party change into flats and I changed from my sparkly heels to cowgirl boots. If you’re not into that look, having a pair of cute little flats are a perfect change of shoe. Just keep in mind you don’t want wear flip flop’s or you will hear that “flip flop” sound when y’all walk. I have linked a perfect foldable flat to change into for later in the night. 
9. Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste 
As a dentists’ daughter, this is just a must!  As a bride you need to brush your teeth because your about to kiss your husband! For all y’all bridesmaids, you too need to brush those pearly whites because your going to be talking to a lot of people. You’re in the wedding party! Plus we don’t need anyone with food in their teeth for pictures!  Breath mints for later in the night isn’t a bad idea either!
10. Tide To- Go Pen
Accidents happen and it’s better to be prepared than not! While the white chalk hides the stains, Tide To-Go Pens help to get rid of them! 
11. Phone Charger 
You’re not going to be on your phone on your wedding day, but it’s perfect for the next day while your in the hotel with your new husband! Having a phone charger is needed for all your bridesmaids to have because they will be the ones documenting your perfect day.
12. Extra Pair of Panties 
A girl always needs extra panties! You just never know when you need a fresh pair of panties. This goes for all the girls in your wedding party. It might seem like kind of  a personal thing to bring, but the ones I linked come in all different types. The greatest thing about these is that they’re one size! 
13. Sewing Kit 
You never know if there will be a popped off button or a small rip. A sewing kit is a must have so wardrobe malfunctions don’t happen.

Now brides & bridesmaids, the questions is…where do I put all these necessary things? Sloane Ranger has the perfect bag for you! This Jet Setter Tote is perfect as an over night bag, carry on, honeymoon bag, or just a tote that can hold a lot of things for the big day. The best part is it still looks cute at the same time! The Sloane Ranger Jet Setter Tote is the perfect size storage bag for all the necessities you’ll need for the day of your wedding.
Five reasons why this bag is the PERFECT bag:
1. This jet setter comes in different colors and prints.
2. The material is a heavy canvas thats light enough for travel.
3. Jet Setter Tote is durable with adjustable and removable straps and vegan leather handles.
4. The tassels at the end are so darling y’all!
5. The price of the tote is “tote-ally” affordable.

The most important thing to remember is that your big day is more important than anything you can bring…. Soak in every moment! During the day step aside and away from everything, just so you and your husband can take a moment to soak it all in. The day goes by so fast so make sure you two take a few minutes away, for just the two of you, to reminisce all the beautiful things and people around you. This is so important! This was advice that was given to me from a dear friend of mine and I’m so glad Colin and I did this. We actually went on a small walk together away from the party and sat on a bench along the golf course. This moment was something I’ll remember forever. So brides, don’t let the night take you away, take it all in with your new hubby!


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