The Benefits of Buying Sustainable Furniture

Everyone needs a good set of furniture for their home which should be built to last a lifetime. Yet few of us keep the same furniture for more than a decade, often fifteen at most. The manufacture of furniture can place an enormous drain on the environment; through the sourcing of materials, greenhouse gas emissions caused during the manufacturing process, and the resultant landfill debris once they are discarded.

There can be many benefits to buying sustainable furniture. Furniture that have been sourced from natural trees and products, rather than from plastic that is made from toxic chemicals.

  1. Your family’s health will be assured.Unsustainable furniture often contains toxic chemicals, such as varnish, paint, glue, or formaldehyde. These chemicals are not cured and continue to emit VOC’s for days, weeks, months, or even years after being brought into your home. VOC’s can cause cancer and other health issues, particularly in children. They’ve also been linked to birth defects, and their danger increases when you add more of these products to your home. Sustainable furniture manufacturers use safe natural materials in the making of their furniture. It will provide you peace of mind knowing that you have one less worry about your family’s safety.
  2. It’s better for your environment. Solid wood is one of the best products for creating sustainable furniture. The environmental footprint from creating furniture out of wood is minimal compared to man-made products with chemicals. Especially if the wood comes from a sustainable forest. The environmental impact of taking a tree in a sustainable forest is less since felled trees are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees. This practice also helps cuts down on illegal logging by providing a way to track the origin of the wood.
  3. Solid hardwoods are more durable. If you’ve ever purchased cheap furniture from that European big-box store, you know how cheap the quality is. This furniture is often made with chipboard or presswood, which will deteriorate over time. It also disintegrates in water unlike solid wood which can be made into canoes and other types of boats.
  4. Your sustainable furniture is often more attractive. The natural grain of wood almost always looks superior to a composite trying to look like wood grain. The rich luster of a hand rubbed natural finish of wood is hard for a robot on an assembly line to beat. This type of furniture is far more attractive in the home than cheap plastic furniture.
  5. Your sustainable furniture can be refinished. Have you ever had cheap furniture start to turn dark and stained, or lose its varnish? Next, it starts to disintegrate. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to repair it at that point. Sadly, this type of furniture ends up in the landfills. When you own high-quality sustainable furniture, you can sand the surface down and refinish it if it ever becomes scratched or chipped.

While choosing sustainable furniture may cause you a greater amount of money in the present, it will eventually pay for itself over time. Sustainable furniture will last you a lifetime, and it will be safer and more attractive in your home too.


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