The 10 Must Haves in a Woman’s Car

I like my car to look good and stylish when possible. So organization is everything.

I travel a lot ! And I think I have suffered every mishap. So I have a list of the things I wish I had had. I also have a dual personality when it comes to my car. I’d like to pull over and have an impromptu picnic if I had the time and saw a beautiful spot. And I have a deadly fear of being stuck in a freezing cold car in the wet and snow with a dying phone.



This TRUNK ORGANIZER at $54 is perfect to organize all your necessities. It is collapsible and the cooler is removable. It comes in several colors and designs.

What to put inside: 1-8

Roadside Emergency Kit $62

First Aid Kit (included in above kit)

Solar Battery Charger $99

Solar Hand Crank Light/charger $79.99

Multi Tool $25

Duct tape

Ice Scraper

Blanket with Water Resistant Backing $20

In the cooler: 9

energy bars, dried fruit, candy bar, wine by the glass


if you have children,pack enough for 2 meals (cereal by the cup, fruit, snackables, water, water, water)



SEA GRASS BASKET/ BAG is PERFECT TO KEEP IN THE CAR and also capable of check-in anywhere | available through

change of clothes- I have a black sweater, long sleeve T shirt, black pants and a black evening shawl. A pair of earrings and a hair clip

black high heels,black flats,tennis shoes and in winter snow boots

sweat pants and top, underwear

personal hygiene (hotel mini bottles are perfect to throw in )

3-4 days supply of any medicine taken in your family

Money (I also stick in a Starbucks gift card, a Walmart card,and a Subway gift card) change for tolls and enough for one tank of gas. Because yes you can ,lose your wallet on the road

extra diapers (2 days worth)

Items available through GDH | City Life Catalog

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