It’s that time of year…..I guess

Christmas starts for me as a store owner in the February – before.  As a designer in October/ November and as a mom and wife—Christmas Eve. I am never ready and have never pulled off a perfect one yet!

Today I started Christmas for a client and I thought I would share…

First I always think the theme of Christmas should be personal- something meaningful and important that happened during that year.  For this client, however, the year was full of personal loss. So, we decided that the decorations for the house this year would be something different, very vibrant and all about the members of the family around the table and how much they were appreciated and loved.

A good thing was the marriage of a daughter to a fabulous gourmet chef and the addition of a magnificent horse. Both the mother and father have spent time or are descendant from Scotts/Irish roots- voila!

A Tartan old Fashioned Family Christmas

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