The Care of Fine and Antique Linens

Beautiful hand made linen place mats and napkins are a joy to own. Perhaps you have inherited some linens. Here is how to care for them and although painstaking at times-  will ensure that they live on to please you for many years.


• Do NOT dry clean your linens. It seems the easiest way to have them come back all pressed but they do not like the chemicals and often the smell remains in the cloth.

• Fine linens may be washed by professional hand laundering;  hand washing ONLY using a mild detergent;  or machine wash linens ONLY on gentle cycle in cold water

• ONLY use a non-chlorine bleach and no bluing agents.

• Rinse linens very well and Do NOT wring or twist linens.


• Partially dry linens in the dryer on  low

• Iron damp linens on cotton or linen setting on padded surface

• Iron linens on the back side placing cotton cloth over the linen

• Iron linens until smooth without wrinkles, NOT until dry.

• Lay flat to continue drying

When ironing a monogram- always iron from the back with the monogram placed into a cloth or towel.

• Store linens between white cotton and acid-free paper

• To prevent linens from yellowing,  do NOT store in a plastic bag.

Please feel free to write to us at or to call 866-785-7860 if you have any questions.

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