Anichini Linens

We have been representing Anichini for over ten years. The first year, I bought, bought ,bought and always had a new Anichini bed on display every month or so.  At the time there was a terrific young woman that worked for them- we became friends and she taught me about the company as well as how to make a bed properly for display, set up a showroom, and blend the colors and textures. She would cascade pillows off the bed and onto the floor and toss a throw over the door- casual elegance she would call it. She made it look easy.

As display beds would change, customers would buy here and there- sometime leaving me with odds and ends that eventually worked their way home to my house and on to my bed. After a few years, I had every placemat, napkin, and sheet set they offered and still do. Which brings me to the point of this article. Ten years later, with a husband (who does crosswords in pen in bed), a child athlete (who sometimes sleeps in her Asics)  and two large dogs – every sheet and throw and coverlet is still in great condition. It is a testament to the quality of the product.

The best Egyptian cotton whether sateen or percale, the best merino wool and cashmere for the throws and the finest weavers in Italy making fabric as strong and durable as it can be made. I have never had a sheet rip or tear in the corners over the  .  I have spilled many a glass of wine and it has all lifted out with the proper washing.  And frankly, although I think I give good advice on how to launder sheets and napkins properly- I have, of course, been guilty of over drying and baking my sheets- or forgotten to cut down on detergent.  But every Giava pillowcase and Raso sheet- every Lucrezia sham and Verona throw are as they were when they were purchased, now, eleven years ago. So in the long run, they are worth what they are- an investment. My daughter will take her now discontinued hot pink sheets with her to college next year and maybe mix them with some other finds to make a unique space for herself.  She will inherit all my gorgeous placemats and napkins.- and she will be delighted when she starts to price out what they will cost to replace someday.

Over the years I have adopted some favorites and always fret that a customer will snatch up our display beds at the End of Display Sale when our beds are 30% off. I love the Raso sheeeting in Silver Beige mixed with the Ivory Sienna Coverlet. Or the Lucrezia in Bronze with a Quiltino I had made in that color years ago at the bottom of a Nevada Coverlet in Ivory.- or a Marte Duvet for summer and a less formal look.

I seem to always be recommending Nevada coverlets and shams and find that Camel goes with everything. We are well stocked in Navada camel most of the time. But I have a secret love for the Ivory and think it is the most elegant of all the choices of matelasse- save Sienna. Of course, my favorite fabric in the line is Taj and putting the Sage/Rust with the camel is perfection.

But there are some new additions that I  do not have: and my wishlist includes the new Amdo cashmere throw in deep Vermillion, the Eucalyptus San Miguel throw and Raso in Cognac and Chestnut.  I am hoping that Anichini introduces the cognac or vermillion in a matelasse then I will need a new guest room. I adore the new Calabria and Lido Linens both as pillow shams and duvets but also as tablecloths and napkins- and since you can buy it by the yard….why not just do a fabulous Condo in them.

My friend who first started me out with Anichini always said that very wealthy people should always have a summer bed and a winter bed- I say you don’t have to be wealthy- just smart- collect a little at a time and take care of what you have.  And the idea of changing your bed twice a year is brilliant- you don’t get tired of what you have and you don’t get the urge to change over too fast.

As far as taking care: Caring For your Sheets

You can call us or email us with any questions about Anichini or advice on mixing and matching things you already own. We have two Anichini sales a year along with special offers as they give them to us. Watch for our Newsletter or our Sales page or just give us a call. 410-464-1789 (we are the friendliest people on Earth).

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