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Navigating a Flea Market

Michael OstrowMichael Ostrow, Design Expert

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Heidi and Michael Ostrow at the Flea MarketOur interior design expert Michael Ostrow guides Heidi around the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. The pair gets an early start to try to get a first look at the good items, and have a lot of fun along the way with their contrasting styles and playful friendship. A flea market can instantly seem like a lot of chaos and confusion, but follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to finding hidden treasures for your home.

Heidi Klum on AOL – Flea Market with Michael Ostrow

*Go early so you get the best selection.

*Bring a pen and paper so you can take notes on the items you like, and remember where you’ve been.

*Always have plenty of cash. Most vendors won’t be able to take credit cards or checks.

*Bring a camera so you can reference what you have already seen. As Heidi said, “Honestly I already forgot things we saw two hours ago.”

*Bring a measuring tape, and have the dimensions of what will fit in your home if you are looking for large items.

*It’s easy to get lost. Choose a starting point before you head in-and a meeting place in case you get separated.

*Know the difference between “antique” and “vintage” so you are aware of what price you can be expected to pay. According to Michael, antiques are considered over 100 years old, and vintage items are between five and 99 years old.

*Sellers usually charge less if you are purchasing more than one item, so request a discount on the total price if you are buying in bulk.

*Head deep into the stalls so you don’t miss anything.

*Stay focused, and try not to get carried away- you don’t want to get home and realize that what you thought was treasure is actually trash.

*Review your photos so you don’t forget anything before leaving-relax, and have fun!

Tips & Tricks

It’s easy to get lost in a crowded market. Have your cell phone with you, or choose a meeting place if you get separated from your group.