Store-wide and FLOOR SAMPLE

Take a look in every category this month…. Special Floor Samples can be found in the stores or on line under SALES.

Get Ready for September
September is Tabletop

One of our Biggest Yearly Sales comes around in just 30 days.

and Flatware.

Get ready for the holidays SEPTEMBER 11- we are serving Champagne and Desserts

Bring in your existing linen and china and let’s do a REDO!

Deb will be here. Spider too (pouring not decorating)

Store News-

We have had a busy summer full of fun and interesting people. And we said goodbye to Luis, our Manager of so many years.
Luis got his green card and stuck it into his green Dolce Gabbana card holder and went to see his family in Bolivia. He will not miss us – as you can now get GoreDean
in South America

We are very excited that our new Georgetown Store is finally ready to go. We will open officially in September but you can drop by anytime …
More to Come on this next month
take a sneak peak now

Highlights of the Summer
Cameo Caterers hosted a great Event at GoreDean in July.
I think I am pretty spoiled about food and events being from New York and Washington DC….so I was really pleasantly surprised when the food  was so immaculately prepared and delicious! But then again, everything about Baltimore has been a great adventure – especially in the food and wine category. It is a great place to live!
Cameo was launching a new division for home catering- which I assume is going to be very busy over the next few months.  GoreDean  makes art and antiques available as well so you can really have a great party..

click here to see the party
as told by Pigtown Design blog

GoreDean on Your Money (MPT)
(I have removed the link to this- just believe me it was funny.)
I could have visited with Kristin for days. She is way too complimentary in her piece but I want to share her unique Blog with you anyway. I have linked her to our Blog site along with Baltimore’s own PigTown design and New York’s Habitually chic-so you can find them anytime.

Just in Time for Rosh Hashanah
New Honey Pot and Apple Plate by Michael Aram

CLICK HERE to order the apple honey in SILVER

CLICK HERE to order the apple honey in GOLD

CLICK HERE to order the apple plate in SILVER (nickel plate)


Just for Our Subscribers


At Highpoint Market, Bolier introduced several new additions to their line. Most notably and comfortably was two new swivel chair designs. Along with their already classic modern lines, Bolier is establishing itself as a Design leader in the furniture industry. Bolier is perfect for a Modern home with classic intentions or a spectacular apartment over looking a new cityscape. Almost exclusively used by designers, Bolier is available to retail customers and their Collections are such that it is easy to do a full room or just to add a special piece here and there.

All BOLIER can be seen at Search: BOLIER
Have a Great August

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