Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence Live

Craberet 2010

Thurs., July 15
Several stops this evening: I first meet up with Celeste Corsaro of Charm City Food Tours at 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden, where bartender Brendan takes good care of us, and I say hello to manager Peter Keck. Then it’s on to Mt. Washington Mill to Gore Dean, where they’re hosting a reception for Cameo Catering and a book-signing by DC designer Barry Dixon. A tent has been erected in the courtyard, and Freddie Stevens is providing music as a backdrop for the food and drinks. I chat with Leslie Goldsmith and her daughter Blakely, as well as illustrator Meg Page and designer David Ashton. We shared a table with friends Bruce Alderman and DJ Lamdin, and I also ran into Lisa Shenkle, who helped organize the party, Dot Fuchs, Randi Rom and Dara Bunjon. And we got a beautiful, personally signed book to take home!
Then it was on to the BMA, where Craberet was in full swing. This annual benefit garden party for the House of Ruth is a highlight of the summer season. John Shields was on hand overseeing the food and the crowd was flowing all around the magnificent sculpture gardens. I grabbed a quick bite of Asian lo mein, then plunged in to chat with Eleanor Landauer, Mary Helfrich, Kathleen Gibison, Heidi Slacum, Todd Yuhanick and lots of others. I rounded out the evening by meeting a few friends downtown at Bluegrass, then we adjourned to the Rowhouse, where Scooter Holt was bartending on the second floor.

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