“Rythme” Dinnerware by Hermes – Red

You might remember this beautiful plate as it broke in the sink, complete with uneaten steak in The Devil Wears Prada.  My friends laughed as I involuntarily shreiked at the site of the breakage in the theater- as I might do in the stores as I see a plate heading for my concrete floors.  And just as the clothes and furniture and shoes and bags were “just so” in the movie- their pick of china was as well.  This is a classic and yet modern set.  Its simplicity can be used with so many other patterns that it is a great choice for someone just starting out their china closet.

Recently, we had a bride who chose this pattern because she her wedding was going to be near July 4 and she wanted to use it with blue for a celebration each year on their anniversary.  We did a large white charger and a navy blue Charger by Ginori. And we added navy blue wavy napkins from Dransfiled and Ross. We topped it off with American Flag place cards from Dempsey and Carroll and when it was done- she was right.  It looked a little July 4th- but in a very sophisticated way.  For the rest of the year, she will simply use the set as is and occasionally add her white chargers when needed.

For a bachelor in Washington, DC;  we did this china on a black charger  by Ginori and a black place mat  by Kim Seybert and used a combination of black cocktail napkins by Anichini with red and white napkins from both Dransfield and Ross and Kim Seybert. The effect was totally different.

There is also a lot to be said for the understatement of the china and a simple elegant and crisp Portuguese linen from George Henry would make a very formal and yet understated table.

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