The Digest

There is lots of talk about the probable demise of this magazine- I say NO!  I got my start with this magazine when Thomas Pheasant decided to showcase the colored glass I had started to collect in the store.  He didn’t know if it was horrible or great but he knew it would be back in style.

The Designer Finds sections are crucial to the antique business- so lets save this Icon of design- re-up your subscription.

  • 1920 The Architectural Digest is founded as a Southern California annual.
  • 1970 Paige Rense and AD’s first art director are hired by owner Bud Knapp to join the magazine’s three-person editorial staff.
  • 1971 Editor Bradley Little dies in a robbery attempt; Paige Rense is subsequently named editorial director.
  • 1973 Architectural Digest publishes an Angelo Donghia-designed home and begins its tradition of being the first magazine to publish a particular home.
  • 1975 Paige Rense named editor-in-chief and sets out to remake the magazine in the tradition of European art books with a focus on decorating, decorators and their clients. Circulation: 50,000
  • 1976 Inception of Architectural Digest Visits, featuring stories on celebrities and their homes. The first of such articles includes Gore Vidal in Italy, Truman Capote in Bridgehampton, Julia Child in Cambridge, Joan Crawford in New York, Ingrid Bergman in France and Robert Redford in New York. Circulation: 200,000.
  • 1978 Architectural Digest: Celebrity Homes, the first anthology-style book related to the magazine, is published. To date, Paige Rense has edited 11 additional books related to the magazine.
  • 1981 Circulation: 500,000
  • Dec. 1981 An 18-page cover story on President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan at the White House is published.AD Italy, Architectural Digest’s first international issue, is published. Other foreign editions follow, including AD France, AD Germany, AD Russia, AD Japan and AD Mexico.
  • June 1985 The first themed issue, “The English Country House,” is published.
  • 1985 Inception of literary contributors writing for the magazine, including John Fowles, George Plimpton, William Styron, Kurt Vonnegut, Truman Capote and John Updike.
  • Late 1980s Inception of “AD Architecture” as an annual supplement.
  • 1988 “AD-at-Large” first introduced as a supplement. It later becomes a regular feature and is renamed “Discoveries by Designers.”
  • 1990 The AD 100, Architectural Digest’s international directory of top designers and architects, is published for the first time.
  • 1991 The AD 100: Architects, Architectural Digest’s international directory of top architects, is published for the first time. Circulation: 653,000.
  • 1993 Architectural Digest, along with Bon Appetit (of which Paige Rense was founding editor) bought by Condé Nast from Knapp Publishing.
  • 1990s Additional themed issues are introduced, including Country Houses, Exotic, Before & After, 100 Years of Design, Designers’ Own Homes and Hollywood at Home (née Academy Awards issue).
  • 2000 Circulation: 831,453
  • January 2005 “Deans of Design,” a special section celebrating legendary designers and architects, is published.
  • 2005 Architectural Digest: Hollywood At Home, a book edited by Paige Rense, is published.
  • January 2007 The latest AD 100 Issue is published.

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