“Berlin” Dinnerware by Poc a Poc

At first glance, this china is not something that looks useful for the every day life- and that is exactly what is so great about it. You are probably not going to use this for scrambled eggs with the kids in the morning.  However, you could not set a more beautiful urban table.  I have used this china pattern twice – once in a renewed home in Chevy Chase, Md and another time for a corporate client in New York and Hong Kong.

The Bethesda couple wanted a clean beautiful look that would blend with their dove gray dining  room walls. They had a rich mahogany table and did not want to use a cloth.  Instead they wanted the smallest round linen placemat, which we had done custom from Anichini in a deep bark brown Nobel linen, just slightly large that the plate.  We coupled that with a dark linen mesh napkin also by Anichini. Simple silver squared napkin rings sparkled in this mix but what made it truly special was the addition of the Kim Seybert crystal stemware in etched glass and platinum.  At night, the table was exotic and yet clean and elegant and the walls seem to have been chosen for the china and not the other way around.

The corporate client was very different. They wanted a china that they could use for entertaining in Manhattan but that could also be in their more peaceful Hong Kong apartment where they rarely entertained.  This pattern seemed comfortable in the transition between lavish entertaining and peaceful dinners on the 24th floor overlooking Hong Kong.

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