Store Closing.jpg
It is with unbelievable sadness that I tell my friends about the closing of what had to be the best Home Store ever conceived.
The choices were unusual and yet elegant.  They made you reach a bit out of your comfort zone.  They were more about architecture than decor.
I always found it a great compliment when someone compared our store to the great Takashimaya.
I had feared that times were not good. I noticed some things on my recent visits that didn’t seem quite up to their standards. Yet still….
Anyone and everyone these days copies. Eventually, if it is popular, Barney’s will carry it. But it is the stores like Takashimaya that innovate.
I can survivie a trip to New York without stopping at Barney’s….But I have never made a trip that I missed  the Nike Store,
my favorite little restaurant on Madison with the two handsome Maitre D’s and the “faux” earring store 3 doors down, the flower district and always, always Takashimaya.

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