Happy Thanksgiving

I have a wonderful story to share this Thanksgiving about a group of women determined to get things done right.

A lovely woman in NYC ordered 6 chairs and although she knew what she wanted, she also wanted a diffrent price point. So we made the chairs ourselves and although the timeframe was tight- we said we would get them to her by Thanksgiving.  After several years in this business, I can promise that the most hectic day of the year is the day before the day that all your relatives are arriving- to judge you and your home.

Every year, there is a delivery disaster.  Something misses the truck or the driver runs out of time. Something is always not making it and retail sales people are panicked that the fickle finger of fate will land on them. 

So we start out with (we’ll call her LL, for lovely Lady) LL’s order changing and not reaching the plant manager.  So instead of 6 chairs, we had successfully produced 1 chair.  “NO, we promised!”

So last weekend, the carpenters and upholsterers came in and finished the order.  Thanks to Daphne Teague . ” A promise is a promise- we’ll get them done” .  Then they off to the freight Company. “No way we can get them into NYC by Thanksgiving!”   “NO!, we promised”

Daphne is on the phone and Conway Freight takes over. Now the chairs are wrapped in two shipments so that they are classified as a small delivery that can be rushed and LL becomes GoreDean in NYC so that it isn’t a residential delivery and can get there by Wednesday. Whew!  The Chairs are in Greencastle, PA last night. I call to check and find out that they are scheduled for RUSH delivery Monday. “NO! we promised!”

Now comes our first angel Lania. Lania goes out and finds Jen (Angel 2)who finds the two deiveries and puts then on the back of a truck heading for New Jersey.  Lania is talking to Daphne at the manufacturing site who keeps checking on a regular basis. Lania is talking to Jen and Jen is actually moving the chairs onto a truck. The chairs head for New Jersey where they run into- a guy- “Lady, there is no way in…that we can get these chairs into NYC tomorrow. We are in New Jersey- they have to go to Brooklyn and then onto a another carrier. You’ll get them Monady.”  “NO! We promised”

More calls between Lania, Daphne and Jen. Enter Karen Bradfield (Angel 3). She is the big cheese when it comes to getting anything into NYC.  She comes to work at 5 am and starts to supervise what comes off the trucks and zings things off with priorities. And although, we had back loaded and everything else. Karen didn’t know and the trucks were all gone by the time I called to check. “NO! we promised!”

I told Karen to wait there that I would drive up myself and get them into the city. I just had to locate my daughter and I would be on my way.  “NO way you are driving up here from Baltimore!  I’ll find a way.”   An hour later she called to tell me to take it easy. She found a driver and they were on their way. She had called LL and assured her as well.

I think if I had gotten to work at 5 am, I might have been a little less helpful.  Instead it turned out that she went out of her way- on her Birthday no less- to see that a promise I had made would be kept.

So thanks to the Women- the promise keepers……….Daphne, Lania, Jen and Karen. And if you have to move something- call Conway!

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