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Executive Stationery Wardrobe Starter Setexecutive

Now you can expand your growing stationery collection with the essentials of a proper wardrobe. This starter set includes 50 correspondence cards in our #7 size on 3 ply stock, 50 note sheets in our #7 size on 1 ply stock, 100 envelopes in our #7 size, and 100 calling cards in our #122 size on 2 ply stock. The note sheets fold into thirds to match the size of the correspondence card, and each fits the same-size envelope. A new name plate is included in the set.


Calling cards may seem old-fashioned, but they are coming back into vogue as a “personal business card.” Used as gift enclosures and in many other social situations, the calling card allows the giver to handwrite a telephone number or an email address at his or her discretion. Particularly when followed by a note on matching stationery, the calling card becomes a distinctive and sophisticated social tool.

The Stationery Wardrobe Starter Set contains the following pieces for each quantity listed:

ITEM No: wardrobe3
Wardrobe Includes: #3 Card: 6 3/8″ x 4 1/4″ with envelopes
#3 Sheet: 6 3/8″ x 8 1/2″ with envelopes
#128 Calling Card: 2 7/8″ x 2″


Quantity Contains
100 50 Correspondence Cards/50 Sheets/100 Calling Cards/100 Envelopes
200 100 Correspondence Cards/100 Sheets/200 Calling Cards/200 Envelopes
300 150 Correspondence Cards/150 Sheets/300 Calling Cards/300 Envelopes
400 200 Correspondence Cards/200 Sheets/400 Calling Cards/400 Envelopes
500 250 Correspondence Cards/250 Sheets/500 Calling Cards/500 Envelopes
1000 500 Correspondence Cards/500 Sheets/1000 Calling Cards/1000 Envelopes
Quantity Price
100 $600.00
200 $810.00
300 $1,150.00
400 $1,370.00
500 $1,600.00
1000 $2,500.00

Although this card has been personalized with birthday greetings, you may choose any text. This format would work perfectly, for example, with a “Thank you” message.

The model card shown here uses Engravure type, with the second line sized to justify margins on the left and right. To re-create this card, choose any typestyle and specify in Special Instructions below that you would like the justify the margins on the left and the right. You may also indicate relative size of type to guide our typesetter in your initial proof. As with all of our personalized products, two typesetter proofs are included in the price of the product.

Informal notes are traditionally fashioned from 1-ply stock, the same thickness as a Note Sheet, but we also offer the Informal in our slightly thicker 2-ply stock. Please see below.

The base price is for a set of 100 informal notes and matching plain envelopes. Additional customization options are available for an added cost.DC25

Quantity Price
50 $350.00
100 $390.00
150 $530.00
200 $620.00
250 $735.00
300 $855.00
400 $1,065.00
500 $1,220.00
750 $1,690.00
1000 $2,060.00


Personalized American Flag Motif Card

Quantity Price
50 $545.00
100 $815.00
150 $1,185.00
200 $1,510.00
250 $1,860.00
300 $2,210.00
400 $2,890.00
500 $3,510.00


This motif is a perfect way to show your patriotism. Most customers who order this item place their name in the top center of the card in regent blue, or viva red to match the old glory colors.

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