I have BAROQUE mirror with gold gilding,and LOUIS XVI salon.
I am interested in selling these pieces.
Is it possible for youto send me a assement of prices for these pieces,and also can you send me a contact number and`.or email.Where i can send you photografs of the mirror and the salon.
Thank you in advance kind regards!
A:  As with anything in Antiques; age and workmanship are the key tools in determining the value of a piece.   We usually associate fine workmanship with the older pieces.  When i see a photo of gold furniture, my first inclination is to get onto the backside of the piece and see what uis under all that paint.  From the photos I see here; i am pretty certain that it is paint. However, many people in the 40’s repainted gold leaf because they believed that it looked better…so in the back of the piece there is probably a place where you can see or scrape to see what is underneath.
The original piece may have been simply carved with no gilding or painted (which would indicate to me that it was an Italian copy) . If you see a light gold/mustard looking color then it was probably gilded and that might give us an indication of age as well. 
The mirror and console to me appear to be the most interesting.  The Louis XVl style suite appears far newer and less well carved.  The suite if it this century probably would bring about 1600-1800 at auction.  If it is 19th C, then it would bring about 3400-3600 at auction.
The mirror and console would be best sold in their original condition- sans the gold paint. With the right finish, they could bring 6000- 7000 dollars but it will take a lot of work to restore them. In their current condition, I would sat 1500 at auction.  This set i would look at carefully. If there is age and the paint can be removed…you might do very well. DD

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