Sell that junk!

In this tight economy, let’s take nothing for granted. Here’s how to sell all that unwanted stuff cluttering up your life……..

Cell Phones:

Most large companies like verizon, At&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have buy back programs.  Who knew?

If you are environmentally minded you can sell it at which will also plant a tree with each phone. Or

Movies and CD’s.

Blockbuster and Hollywood Video also have buy back offers for in store credit.

Books: will pay between $1 and $4 dollars for every book and up to $80 for College texts.

Computers: will buy old equiptment.  hewlett packard buys back old PC’s and laptops if they still have value. you can check their prices at

best buy will take in old equiptment in exchange for gift cards toward new purchases.

Printer Cartridges:

Staples takes back cartridges for points. Or sell them for cash at or and get up to $4 for them.

Video Games: will give you up to $16 for an old game.

IPODs will pay from $30 to$70 for old iPods.  Apple will take in an old one for a 10 percent discount on an upgrade.

Simply cleaning out the kids’ rooms could net you a night out on the town!

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