An American Making a Difference

Our good friend and accountant, Bill Batdorf or Hezzy as we call him has become one of those quiet heroes that you encounter so rarely these days.  I am not a 100 percent sure of the story but it seems that bill enjoys a cocktail after work at the bar at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown DC.  One day, he is talking to the bartender or his assistant about his home in Cambodia . And about how much he loved America. And how they needed a school. So Bill  built it!  They have lovingly named it after him.

I am sure that the teachers and students think that Bill is the richest man in America…and maybe he is…………

Dedication Ceremony August 22, 2009.  A few miles from Angkor Wat.
Dedicated August 22, 2009
A typical residence in the background.
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