New in the Harbor, Baltimore- Pizazz Tuscan Grill

We were delighted to meet the owners of Pizazz Tuscan grill when they made a wrong turn off 83 and found GoreDean.  After talking food and decor for awhile, we sort signed on as “design friend” eagerly dispensing advice even when not asked.  They have a great location in the pierV Hotel right on the water. there is still parking in that area and it is just a foot bridge away from the aquarium.  Its cool in the evening and the staff is friendly. But above all else- the food is delicious.  I know I should not be ordering the “everything on it” pizza or the sausage calzone- but they are delicios.  Jamie, my daughter, orders the healthy pasta which is fresh, fresh, fresh! Vegetables and helthy pasta- perfect.

The only down thing I can say is that when people discover how good the prices are that I’ll never get a seat. But for now, it is really one of the best finds here in Baltimore.

check out the menu :

And while you are there…say how much you love the color on the walls………. Deb

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