Joyous July


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 CANCER — The Crab — Diplomat  (June 22 – July 21)

This is a good time for serious reflection on matters of the recent or even of the distant past. You have a better grasp concerning situations and the character of certain individuals. Your mind tends to run to the serious side this month, but siblings and good friends share your deeper thoughts and ideas, as well as good times, besides a positive, warm exchange of affection. Emergencies could involve elders or authority figures when you least expect it. Career changes are brewing as unexpected opportunity arises. This is a good time for throwing or attending a party, as well as enjoying various gatherings in groups small or large. A one time platonic friend may even blossom into full-blown romance this summer. The true answers to your more serious questions surface later in the month!

KEY WORDS: Diplomatic, intuitive, executive.







LEO — The Lion — Entertainer   (July 22 – August 21)

Old friends or loves show up at the oddest times and they might even arrive bearing gifts or welcomed promises. However, believe it when it happens! Good things are in store for partners or a mate with you thrilled to join in with the celebration. Career forward movement may involve a promotion, a bonus or a raise, but haggling may also be part of the bargain. Career-related travel is not out of the question this month, although don’t be surprised if there are last minute changes or adjustments to be made. Care needs to be taken in making investments, but this pattern eases later this year. The financial markets are improving. A special teacher, guru, or even a new spirit guide might well show up at this time and point you in an entirely new direction that ultimately proves rewarding.

 KEY WORDS: Dramatic, brave, distinctive.



VIRGO — The Virgin — Teacher  (August 22 – September 21)

Romance with a foreigner, love in a faraway place, or a long trip with a lover may be part of your pattern this month! Your call! Have fun! Group activities are favored now, especially classes where you learn something valuable or new. This month could be reunion time with old friends or classmates with lots of reminiscing and catching up all around. This is a good time to outline your plans, or at least to make a list as to what you want to accomplish in the near or distant future. Special favors prove a two-way street! Writing, public speaking and public appearances seem to be part of your agenda at this time with you well received. Don’t throw out those ‘old’ or ‘useless’ things until you’re sure you can’t use them anymore or you might live to regret your rash acts!

KEY WORDS: Analytical, careful, educator.


LIBRA — The Scales — Arbitrator  (September 22 – October 21)

Your investments should be doing a bit better, perhaps rewarding you with unexpected dividends or perks this month. Gambles even pay off for you now, even if not in the immediate future. There is possible worry or concern over an elderly friend or family member. Hospital visits are not out of the question. Try not to obsesses over things you have absolutely no control over or you’re likely to drive yourself up the wall with needless anxiety. This is certainly re-evaluation time in a general sort of way regarding many patterns in your life. You could be feeling inspired and creative at this time and be involved with creativity done at home, or your efforts may well involve your home environment in fact. Travel for business or pleasure may prove to be of brief durations this month.

KEY WORDS: Social, fair, artistic.



SCORPIO — The Eagle — Reformer  (October 22 – November 21)


A special teacher or authority figure enters your life this month with positive benefits for both of you or for everyone concerned. This is a great time for learning something new by attending classes or lectures or reading one good book or in fact several. Travel is favored now and tends to bring enlightenment of some sort to bear. The hidden is revealed. Care needs to be taken regarding investments with major purchases perhaps better put off until a later month in the year if possible. Home improvement, however, is favored at this time, along with the purchase or sale of real estate. Friends prove helpful in a general sort of way with one special person making a point to look out for your interests by watching your back whether you are aware of the situation or not. Publication is favored at this time.   

KEY WORDS: Passionate, secretive, intense.




SAGITTARIUS — The Archer — Preacher  (November 22 – December 21)

Things of the earth could well put cash in your pocket: oil, gas, gold, silver or copper, even vegetables, plants or flowers! Does the earth not provide us with the very essence of life? This is a time to feel inspired and creative, perhaps to write your thoughts down in a journal or even time to write a book with publication in mind eventually. Change of residence is possible, which could instead involve changing something within or about the residence: remodeling, refurbishing, or buying something new with repairs not out of the question. Patterns at work could prove hectic now, demanding. This is not a good time to confront employees or coworkers, which extends to partners or spouses later in the month. This isn’t a time you are likely to win your point or the case free of stress and anxiety.

KEY WORDS: Philosophical, perceptive, candid.



CAPRICORN — The Goat — Leader  (December 22 – January 20)

Quiet time is needed for reflection not only this month but throughout this year! However, your mind could be quite active with new ideas and fresh inspiration this month. You could find yourself changing your mind about many things, which may even come as a surprise to you. Those with a late Capricorn birthday will find they have plenty of energy early in the month with a need for constant social exchange and outlets, whereas later in the month the energy will be more retiring in nature when creative work of any sort is highly favored. This could be the time for that health checkup or beauty appointment you’ve been postponing. Since this is your opposition time you may not win all arguments or find it easy to get your way. Self-discipline is your long suit now, so accept the challenge as opportunity.

KEY WORDS: Organized, trustworthy, determined.


AQUARIUS — Water Bearer — Inventor  (January 21 – February 19)

Spiritual progress is definitely yours now, along with a greater sense of insight or intuition readily at hand. This is an excellent time to develop your psychic abilities, to take up serious meditative practices, or even to forge ahead with creative pursuits and designs. Disruptive family matters may require your attention this month, especially during the first two weeks, with things becoming much more harmonious later in the month. A powerful friend or ally enters your life at this time, or else makes their presence known to you. This is an excellent time to catch up on bookkeeping or other more tedious patterns, or even to have a yard sale! Your mind is sharp and ideas seem to flow with ease. Romance beckons later this month, which is excellent time for all sorts of socializing.

KEY WORDS: Charitable, intuitive, intelligent.



PISCES — The Fishes — Poet  (February 20 – March 20)

Try to keep a dream journal not only this month, but for several months to come, for your spirit guides could be sending you important warnings or positive messages somewhat regularly at this time. Social exchange with siblings or neighbors should be to your liking, with contention not surfacing until later in the month when you could tend to run a bit feisty! Patience is the word for you the second half of this month, although you mind will tend to deal with contention quite well! Romance may catch you unaware when you least expect it with people more sentimental about you than usual, and that could annoy or delight you! Your significant other may be contrary at this time or have distracting issues to deal with that simply don’t include you. May ‘this too shall pass’ be your motto now!

KEY WORDS: Psychic, affectionate, creative.   








ARIES — The Ram — Pioneer   (March 21 – April 20)

Try not to be too extravagant early on this month. Money could attempt to burn a hole in your pocket, but unexpected expenses are also a distinct possibility. Your thoughts run to romance as the month progresses, but then, that’s your basic nature, isn’t it? This is a good month for creative projects of any type, and even more so as the month progresses. Care may need to be taken with family members. Beware of wet blankets in terms of mumbling and grumbling! It might be smart to put off making major decisions until next month, but this is a good time for preparation and particularly research. This is a good time to enjoy group projects and gatherings. Work and career patterns may be more demanding of your energies than you might like, but you efforts should pay off in the long run! Keep plugging!

KEY WORDS: Commanding, impetuous, visionary.




TAURUS — The Bull — Businessman  (April 21 – May 21)

Lots of energy to do whatever you might need to do early this month, but you could also run a touch irritable and feisty. Overall, this is a fine time for socializing and looking your absolute best. This is a good time to spruce up and enjoy a few beauty treatments or a relaxing massage. Money issues capture your attention mid-month, with careful planning that promises to pay off down the road. Much wisdom or knowledge is to be gained now, as bright ideas pop into your head one after the other. Conscientious effort and self-discipline pay off big with regard to some project, if not this month then next! Secrets come to light that could well amuse or astonish you, and you may have a secret admirer that is a secret no longer. Career confusion is a distinct possibility not only this month but next!

KEY WORDS: Determined, sensual, traditional.



GEMINI — The Twins — Communicator  (May 22 – June 21)

Financial improvements are likely now. Perhaps you have a new marketing idea or a new way to advertise your services or product that shall produce rewarding results. Your mind tends to be quick this month, on target for problem solving. Family patterns or the home environment itself create obstacles or produce issues that have to be dealt with and could be annoying. Energy improves mid-month. You could be feeling sexier and more romantic as the month progresses. Conversations may be geared to patterns from the past as new light is shed on old issues with resolution at last. This is a good time for spiritual growth and advancement and for flexing your creative muscles. Changes with employees or coworkers are possible now that work out well over the next several months.           

KEY WORDS: Witty, informed, charming.






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