Art Blooms at the Walters Art Museum

Tablescape by GoreDean at the Art Blooms function
Tablescape by GoreDean at the Art Blooms function


The 2009 Art Blooms at the Walters Art Museum was a great success this year with a great kick off reception and a successful weekend.  People streamed through the Walters throughout the weekend to see the magnificent art collection highlighted by 32 live flower arrangements situated throughout the galleries. In the center court, the Gala Chairs, Alexandra Dalury and Judy Witt, brought in professional designers to do a garden party theme. Joe Bowers with Rita St Clair Associates did a large Chinese Bed and table with cascading orchids. Fern Hill Design had sunflowers standing attention like soldiers as the back drop for a casual cottage garden lunch. Lauri Fitzgerald of Stony Run Home went wild with green and white. It was light and airy and chic as all get out….good work Lauri! It could have easily been in the window of Macy’s.  Robert Zimmerman did the center piece design with incredible creativity. Flowers were created with spoons and forks …it was really uniue and fun and put ZIP into the presentations. We were honored to be asked to particpate by Chi Chi Bosworth and though we drove her crazy….we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We went the antique route—duh!  The theme was the garden of eden and we envisioned an aging Adam and Eve- with their antiques and their centerpiece made from the cut down apple tree. They had let the butterflies out in orer to decorate and with the butterflies..they had let out the snakes, as well.  And you know, only GoreDean has butterflies and antique carved wood snakes-somewhere in the back room.

The event lecturer was Ron Morgan. He is the best! He was great fun at the kick-off party an gave a great lecture to a sold out, standing room only crowd. His four books will be arriving in the store soon..the result of his good salesmanship and great wit.

I cannot recommend this event more highly. The preview party was packed with people, the auction items were tempting and the food and exhibits made it a great evening. The following daylight excursion through the Museum was just as nice and made a great afternoon distraction for my friends here that weekend. Put it on the calendar for next year…

If you are near Butler, out Fern Hill Design. I myself go see Stone Run Home on a regular basis. and Goredean is just between the two.  The Walters Art Museum is just like taking a trip to Italy…go for a day and then have dinner at Sotta Sopra  or la Famigliani that night….you’ll thank me!


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