A Poem for my Daughter



Sometimes life hands you lemons

Many times it’s worse than that

Sometimes you lose a friend

Or have to sell a family treasure


We all scheme and decide on a route

We think that we’ll go back

Too often we don’t.

It brings sadness into our lives


Misfortune call befall us and

It comes in many ways, sometimes

Hiding behind eyes we love and

Dreams that stay in slumber.


But often the misfortunes come to us

In  unconventional ways, through

Innocent forgetfulness and silly

Childish self -absorbtion.


These are the difficulties that can

Make us smile. Forgiveness not far behind.

An adjustment here and there can always

Be made for an innocent friend.


So as I sit down to work today

My dreams and ambitions at bay

I lift the lid of the Altec Lansing and reveal

 Burnt and melted keys, that once were new.


They are no longer new,

 Many are no longer at all- unrecognizable

Sad little soldiers from my war with words.

I too am now wounded but I have not lost


In my memory, I can see

My darling girl, sitting so delightedly

At my table watching a movie

While she straightened her hair.


Was the movie very scary? Did facebook go off-line?

Maybe you excused yourself

To aid your mother in some small way.-

Leaving the straightener behind.




I would never want that memory marred

And  I know the benefit of good hair

I smile when I think that I might have asked

In a moment of dread, What else could go wrong?


So life has sent me another lemon

And I am tired of lemonade

But I will never tire of your foibles

Or your beautiful straight hair



I will do what mothers do

I’ll make a lemon cake

I’ll love you every way I can

And write without a P.

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