Hello from Balsamo Antiques

aboutbalsamoMy friends Ray and Steve from Balsamo Antiques gave us a shout out this week. They are located in Pine Plains , New York and are worth the trip.  This reminds me to start a new section of the Blog dedicated to great stores I come across on my travels. You can see Balsamo’s items on 1st Dibs or go to www.balsamoantiques.com

Balsamo Antiques hello to Deb


Sitting at our place in Puerto Vallarta mexico (last day here) and going through old magazines…tear sheets etc….and I came upon the pictures of your shop in Baltimore.
So just wanted to say hello.
The shop looks beautifu….congrats.
Guess your busy running both shops.
We bought down here in mexico a few years ago and come down 5 weeks between Dec and Jan.
Really lucky to run the business from down here while someone is in our shop.
then we try and come 3 or 4 more times.
Have a great new year.

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